About Us

About Us

About Us

Green Dimension is a one of a kind Saudi Environment Company offering and array of comprehensive solutions

We offer a wide range of services to the Public, Private and the Residential Sectors to ensure a Sustainable, Clean, and Green Saudi Arabia.

Our vast assortment of Services & Products includes Environmental Consultations involving Environmental Services, Recycling & Waste Management, Green Businesses, Sustainable Management Practices, Green building and much more.

We also offer Sustainable Solutions, Waste Treatment, Disposal & Recycling Solutions, Green Products, Green Technology, and Technology leveraged Solutions that boost sustainability.

Who Are We?

Green Dimension Company for Environmental Services

Green Dimension was founded by Nabatat in 2021 with a vision to move all Nabatat Hazardous waste projects and to specialize exclusively in Environmental Solutions and services within KSA.

Green Dimension is passionate about the environment and sustainable living, committed to leveraging innovative technology to provide a cleaner, safer environment.


A leading Waste Management, Land Scaping, Facilities Operations & Maintenance, Industrial Services Contractor in Saudi Arabia

Nabatat is the leader in Waste management, Landscaping, Facility Operations & Management, Industrial Services Contractor in KSA since 1988. In the last 20 years Nabatat has work in partnership with prestigious domestic clients such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Ports Authority, MODON along with various Municipal corporations and Ministries across the Kingdom. We have also had the honor of collaborating with International Clientele like Samsung, Hyundai, Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs- Bahrain, Sumitumo, Eni Group – Saipem and SNC- Lavalin.

Mission / Vision

Our Mission & Vision


To preserve and safeguard Saudi Arabian Natural resources by Reducing waste, Re-using to guarantee sustainability, Recycling into new materials & objects.


To lay the groundwork for the preservation of our planet ensuring sustainability and a better future for humanity


Our Values

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Positive Impact

Stand up and Serve the Common Good no matter what


Set High Standards and Do Good Ethically


Be Accountable, persevere to deliver


Passionately commit to a Sustainable living


Try to acheive perfection each time and every time


Constantly evolve, find new ways to deploy technology

Our Backers

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